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June 3
7:30 am

2020 Honor Flight Chicago Schedule

Fairfax County Police Department, in partnership with the Planning & Research Bureau, Sully District Station will be welcoming the Honor Flight Chicago at Dulles Airport. Honor Flight Chicago was founded to recognize Chicagoland’s World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam veterans by flying them, all-expense-paid, to Washington DC for a day of honor, remembrance and celebration. 

Any and all are welcome, but supervisory approval is required for on-duty police officer attendance. Dress is Class A or dress blouse. Civilians are asked to wear their agency polo or business attire. 

Please view the below information about the flight provided by the HFC coordinators.  You also visit the website: http://www.honorflightchicago.or5 

FCPD Itinerary: 0745 – Meet at Sully Police District (Front Lot) and carpool from there to Dulles Airport. **If you drive separately, see parking instructions below** 0800 – Depart Sully for Dulles 0820 – Arrive at Dulles 0830 – Assemble at the USO (across from Baggage Claim 12) 0845 – 1115 – Meet and greet the Veterans from the Honor Flight. 1115 – Clear Dulles and head back to Sully. 

Parking Instructions: POVs: Getting into Garage 1 and going to main terminal Head into Garage 1 (Left) after passing Marriott Hotel 

  • Ensure you select ticket and DO NOT place your credit card in machine. 
  • Turn Left after entering parking area and proceed down (to the Right) to lower 


  • Make a Left and proceed to parking area nearest the elevators. (about 200′) 
  • Choose between hopping on the airport shuttle (every 4-5 min) to terminal or 

walking under the roadways to terminal. 

  • If you choose going the tunnel route, take elevator to lowest level. It will be 

marked “Terminal”. 

  • Come out of the elevator and proceed through a set of doorways to mobile 


  • Proceed straight ahead and after 5-6 minutes on both moving walkways you will 

come to a fork (decision point). 

  • Take the RIGHT side and take the escalator to the street level. 
  • Enter the terminal and proceed up the ramp. Note: If you err here and choose the 

Left side, you will still arrive upstairs in the terminal. Just a longer walk. 

  • You can now proceed to the USO lounge at Baggage 12 or proceed up the 

escalators to the area vicinity Emirates counter where HF Chicago personnel gather. 

  • To return to your car, just retrace your steps. 

One must ensure you get your ticket stamped by an HF person. 

Cruisers: Park on the EAST (far end) of the arrival deck (you will see other cruisers). 

Info on the Honor Flights from HFC Coordinator: 

  • The flights originate at Midway Airport, Chicago 
  • The flights are usually full and contain about 95-105 WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam vets and their guardians. If they don’t leave with enough guardians, then one is supplied from a group here at Dulles. The ages are between 84-100. They are fragile human beings and we handle them very carefully and tenderly. 
  • The flights are always on a Wednesday timed to arrive generally between 0930 – 10 am. 
  • It takes 4 people movers to get them all into the hallway area which gives the staff time to get them loaded onto the buses awaiting outside. Each flight has 10- 12 medical staff including a physician if someone gets ill. 
  • One of the staff in charge (of 3) will help to position our uniformed personnel and will allow any print or video photographers to film the process. 

The whole event will take about 2.5-3 hours and then folks are on their way. Many like to go outside when the buses are loading and then form a line so they can salute them as the caravan leaves.