The Communities of Trust Committee (COTC) was established five years ago, December 2014.   We have done a lot to enhance relationships between our public safety departments, agencies and the communities they serve.  The committee grown from five participating organizations and citizens to over 30.  Each year, we brief our county executives on the previous year activities and accomplishments and the upcoming objectives.  Here are just a few of our 2018 accomplishments and plans for 2019.

  • Hosted 4 Public Safety Days
  • Chaired Ad-hoc committee for the Review of School Resource Officer and School Board Memorandum of Understanding, resulting in an updated MOU
  • Hosted first Public Safety Career Day at Saratoga Elementary School
  • Hosted conference on “School Safety in the Commonwealth”
  • Provided  briefings to the Chief’s Advisory Council (CAC) on COTC
  • Guest on the Catherine Read Show to discuss COTC.
  • Hosted a Public Safety Job Fair at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Gum Springs, VA
  • Participated in several visuals in response to hate crimes.
  • Participated in three parades (City of Fairfax 4th of July Parade, Annandale and McLean Christmas Parades)
  • Participated on numerous panel on public safety issues
  • COTC chair appointed Commissioner of Commonwealth’s Commission for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


  • Host “Moving Forward” Conference to discuss racism, hate and speech crimes.
  • Host two Public Safety Days
  • Host two Public Safety Career Days (Hayfield Secondary and Sandburn Secondary)
  • Increase the Public Safety Reading Program.
  • Host forums on “Alternative School Discipline” 
  • Expand COTC model to other jurisdictions
  • Establish a Jr. Explorer program in Secondary Schools

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